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Information to prevent Frozen Pipes :  
  • Always leave your heat on. Place your heat on low, no less than 50 degrees, when away from the home or on vacation.
  •  While sleeping, allow ALL faucets in your home to drip at a rate of 1 drip every 2-3 seconds. This keeps water flowing through your pipes to avoid pipes freezing. If the water pipes freeze, water flow will not restore until pipes thawed. 
  • Open cabinet doors under sinks to keep pipes warm.
  • Make sure you know where your water cut off is at your home. This will cut the water off to your home until the burst water pipe is repaired.
  • Disconnect all garden hoses from exterior faucets, if applicable.

  Please remember to change your filters monthly
  Clean out Dryer vent, in the line yearly.  Lint clogged in line can cause a fire. 
  Please change your smoke alarm batteries every six months. 
  Carpets should be cleaned yearly !